06+ Honda trx450er

06+ Honda trx450er




The 2006 and newer Honda TRX450ER is a high-performance ATV designed for off-road racing and recreational riding. Upgrading the shocks on the TRX450ER can improve handling and suspension performance. Here are some details about the shocks for the 06+ Honda TRX450ER:

Design: The shocks on the 06+ Honda TRX450ER are typically high-performance, gas-charged shocks with adjustable compression and rebound settings. They are designed to provide superior handling and damping performance, both on and off the track. The shocks typically include a piggyback reservoir to increase oil capacity and improve heat dissipation.

Performance: Upgrading the shocks on the 06+ Honda TRX450ER can improve handling and suspension performance by providing more precise control over compression and rebound damping. This can lead to improved cornering, better stability, and smoother landings over jumps. Additionally, upgraded shocks can help to reduce fatigue and improve rider comfort during long rides.

Installation: Installing aftermarket shocks on the 06+ Honda TRX450ER is typically a straightforward process that can be completed with basic hand tools. The new shocks will typically bolt on in place of the factory shocks and may require some minor modifications for proper fitment.

Maintenance: The shocks on the 06+ Honda TRX450ER require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes cleaning and inspecting the shocks for damage, replacing any worn or damaged components, and checking the oil level and condition.

Overall, upgrading the shocks on the 06+ Honda TRX450ER can provide significant improvements in handling and suspension performance. With a high-quality set of aftermarket shocks, you can take your off-road riding to the next level and enjoy improved performance and rider comfort.


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