Polaris 1332827 Rear Gear Case Differential Assembly 2010-2014 Ranger 800

Polaris 1332827 Rear Gear Case Differential Assembly 2010-2014 Ranger 800




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Polaris Ranger 900 For Sale Super ATV offers you a product that is exclusive to them once more. The only aftermarket Polaris differential available is from SuperATV’s RZR Complete Differential. Some of you may be thinking, “Why not just reorder the OEM diff?” The solution is straightforward—we improved Polaris’ existing successful design. Better also refers to stronger. The differential on a SuperATV is engineered to provide power to the front wheels and lock as necessary. It combines the performance of your stock RZR with the power of a SuperATV, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s a Built for Battle differential, not simply an OEM replacement differential.Polaris Industries manufactures a sport side-by-side known as the Polaris RZR (pronounced “razor”). It was advertised as a smaller, more work-oriented version of the larger Ranger when it was introduced in 2007 as a 2008 model, hence its official name of Ranger RZR. Polaris subsequently ditched the Ranger moniker and positioned the RZR as a stand-alone model as the RZR gained popularity.

The advantages of SuperATV’s differential

Polaris Ranger 900 For Sale You receive the entire differential, built and prepared for installation, not simply new internals. A brand-new heavy-duty cast or billet aluminium casing, thicker gears, hubs, Sprague, armature, and wire are all included. We use 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminium for our Sprague carrier to provide optimum strength and longevity and take our differential to the next level. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about replacing our differential anytime soon. It also implies that our differential can withstand many strong differential lock engagements without failing. The parts that are prone to failure have been significantly enhanced, and they are now protected by a more durable case.

Become a billet

Polaris Ranger 900 For Sale For the utmost in performance and strength, upgrade to our billet aluminium differential case. In addition to having a much better appearance than cast, billet is denser, stronger, and less porous. You need a stronger billet diff if you bike hard and aggressively, destroying stock differentials.


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